We simply wrapped up our trend arrangement for the Spring/Summer 2018 seasons, we secured Women, Men, Youth, and Athleisure.

For as long as a few seasons we’ve seen a specific headwear trend from the 1990s making a significant rebound—the Dad hats.

You’ve heard us notice dad hats in two or three versions of the week after week Round-Up in November and December.


In the event that you recall to our Evolution of the Hat blog from the previous summer, we talked about how during the 90s, hat fans began cutting out the buckram with the goal that the crown would lie normally loose against their heads.

Cap makers immediately paid heed and discharged the main unstructured cap, which later developed into the dad hat we know and love today.

The dad hat is a customary 6-board unstructured cap. It’s typically made of a substantial washed cotton or other endured texture with little hits of marking on the front, side, as well as back.

I’m certain you’ve known about the notorious Dad Jeans, which hold a seriously negative implication. They’re not appealing and nobody glances great in them.



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