When you knock on the door you don’t have to tell the homeowner that you know about their foreclosure.  In fact, you that word should never leave your mouth.  Unless, that is, you want the homeowner to close the door in your face.  You should simply introduce yourself and let the homeowner know you were at the courthouse.  Say you noticed their pending problem with their property and say that you would like to help.  If the real estate agent in LA seems inviting offer your assistance.  Tell them what you can do to help and move forward with the deal.


Finding Real Estate Investing Deals – Beverly Hills

Try running a real estate investing ad in the newspaper.  Many investors don’t purchase ads because they are deemed as being expensive.  Think about it like this: all it takes is one real estate investing deal for you to come up with the money to pay for an entire year of ads.  Sound better?  It should.  The best place for your ad is in the “Money To Lend” section of the newspaper.  When foreclosure is looming, many homeowners want to borrow the money to save their home.  Once you receive a phone call from a potential foreclosee, you can begin working your real estate investing magic.

Don’t think that because it’s not raining real estate investing deals that there are none out there.  There are plenty of deals all around you, you just have to look for them.  Until you establish your reputation, you have to do the work it takes to find deals in real estate investing deals.  People won’t just bring them to you right off.  Do the work that other investors aren’t willing to do.  Soon enough you’ll find yourself with more deals than you can handle.

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