When you start a business, an administration is irrevocably involved. Bookkeeping is not for everyone, but there are a few tricks that can help you further. Especially if you want to have gratis goede boekhouder offertes its smart to compare all the prices. If you are not certain if you need to pick a boekhouder in Eindhoven or a boekhouder in Amsterdam, we recommend you to check out all the different services.

Below we give you ten handy tips to become an accounting expert! If it is too difficult for you all, then of course you can also hand over your accounting to an administrative office that works with bookkeeping software.

Collect information

Accounting stands or falls with the right knowledge. This not only concerns the basic information with which you better understand the accounting, but also the information that you are going to process in the accounting. Follow seminars or read books.


Don’t wait too long to start

Delay does not always mean cancellation. After all, accounting is mandatory for a company. However, if you postpone, you will notice that you will overlook things. Prevent that and start on time. Even if you have not made a profit for a period, you simply have to make a VAT return.


Work in an orderly fashion and keep all business documents

By working in an orderly manner, you keep a good overview and, moreover, business documents sometimes prove to be necessary. Save agreements, conversation reports and create folders, digitally or physically. You can of course also store this information in the could.


Choose a tool that suits you

There are all sorts of useful tools for accounting at this time. For example, you can check your sales and profits in a flash and you don’t have to calculate everything yourself. This provides more certainty. Try software for 30 days for free !


Create links

Why make quotes in Excel and then retype them as an invoice in another system. Work from one clear system. Also see if you can make links with the bank to automatically read all transactions from your account.


Keep private and business separate

It is wise to set up a separate business account and to keep private and business separate in all areas. A business account only costs a few euros per month.


Consider the Tax Authorities

You already understand: accounting must be done in accordance with the applicable legislation and therefore it is important not only to know the rules of the Tax Authorities, but also to apply them.


Ensure that the administration has added value

An administration gives you insight into the heart of your company. Make sure that it is set up in such a way that you can easily view data at any time. By keeping good accounting you have insight into income and expenses.


Determine a fixed moment

Keep a fixed time for accounting, so that not only is there a clear line in it, but you also don’t run the risk of being too far behind. A Sunday morning, for example, could be a good time.


Be accurate

It is important to enter the data exactly and to ensure that the accounting is accurate and adequate. Pay close attention to the 6 and the 9. These are sometimes turned over.


Online accounting package

By using our online accounting software you will get a lot of rest. Behind the scenes we ensure that every purchase or sales invoice ends up in the correct ledger account. View our modules and try it for free for 30 days!

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